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Welcome to ParallelMC

Welcome to ParallelMC
ParallelMC is a forum and resource marketplace for Minecraft Server Owners to easily and securely share resources with others.
We provide a high quality and secure Anti Leak system to prevent plugins becoming leaked free of charge and is processed every single time a user wants to run.
Our aim is to provide a high-quality and active community for server owners and content creators to be able to use.

A few things you may want to skim through are:
- Rules
- Resource Guidelines
- Terms of Service

We're excited about the big future of ParallelMC and cannot wait for our public release which at this point is looking to be the 1st of March.
If you're a resource developer, join the Discord and PM CodeCo if you would like to have beta access.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for more updates and sneak peeks at our progress.




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